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Trends – Color Blocks and Soft Shapes

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Color-blocking is a strong trend this year and we were inspired by this post by Fashion Vignette to share some of our own transitional abstract art, which complements these patterns, textiles, fashion and interior concepts.

Color blocks can be clean and simple. Dark and light alternates to connote open doorways, architectural plans, city blocks, agricultural fields. Because the shapes are simple, color becomes the main player in leading the viewer’s eye around the image and creating interesting focal points.

Color blocks don’t have to be square. They can also be irregular and dynamic, shifting and moving like tectonic plates. Imagine the images seen in a kaleidoscope, caught in the act of morphing into something different but equally as beautiful.

Areas of color can also maintain a shape, but not necessarily be geometric. Soft shapes may be clean and clear, or softly blurred together like a painting in the rain.

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