Matias Duarte

Matias Duarte was born in 1972 in Mesa, Arizona. The son of Mexican immigrants, he was raised as one of seven children in the Phoenix area, where his earliest art influences began in his own front yard, and the desert that stretched out beyond it; and where he fashioned his own toys out of wood and scrap metal. After graduating from high school, Matias worked at odd jobs until the age of 21, when he began taking chances on art. Abstract color studies and points in time hold profound interest for Matias Duarte.

His orchestration of brilliant colors and geometric shapes lead the viewer through time and space;a perceived sequence of events within the painting; resulting in a feeling of structure and physical movement. His preferred medium is acrylic on canvas and wood which, because of its quick-drying quality, infuses spontaneity and immediacy into the painting process. He works in layers, with an eclectic and diverse spin—sometimes fluid, and sometimes bold.

Using form, color and dimension in his art, Matias Duarte brings his own brand of order to chaos. He strives to bring viewers to a better understanding of the elements in which they live.