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Design and Decor Trends We Can’t Get Enough Of

As we begin the new year, the design world continues to predict new decor, color, and style trends.  In the past couple of years, our spaces have had to change alongside our lifestyles.  Homes have become a place of both work and rest for many, and the current and forecasted interior design trends reflect that.  Spaces are continually inspired by nature, bringing some of the outdoors in with shades of green, natural texture, and plant decor. People are also leaning into their own personal styles when decorating, whether it’s cozying up a space with warm modern neutrals or going bold with color and statement pieces.  Because of the shift in how we’ve been using our spaces, people are redefining their styles and transforming spaces to fit their needs and bring joy.

Natural Connection

Interiors continue to be influenced by the outdoors, leaning very heavily into natural materials, earth tones, and sustainable design.  Many companies, such as Behr, Benjamin Moore, and Sherwin Williams, have picked soothing blue and green hues for their 2022 Color of the Year choices. Designs highlighting sustainable materials and practices are becoming popular with a focus on eco-friendly living. Organic themes and natural motifs are presenting themselves in new renovations, especially as biophilic design continues to be on the rise. This is a particularly popular trend in hospitality design, where comfort, wellness, community, and sustainability are highly valued.

Even if you don’t dive head first into biophilic design, it’s easy to dip a toe in with botanical prints, hints of green, and landscape imagery. Interiors that feel connected to nature can create a calm and relaxing environment, perfect for this year.

The Key to Cozy

featuring “Simply Stated II” by Ruth Fromstein

This year, comfort is key and creating spaces that feel like being wrapped in a warm blanket is a big trend! Rooms decorated in calming neutrals, soft materials, warm woods, and curved accents & furniture can give you just the feeling. While it doesn’t have to be a minimalist space, these rooms gravitate towards clean lines and soft neutral tones. Decorating with wall art in sleek shapes, warm refined palettes, and natural elements helps to create a cozy room, but it’s easy to add your own style to find comfort in your space.

Celebrate Individuality

featuring “Rocky Terrain” by Laura Van Horne

With the shift in how people have been needing to use their rooms, creating more mindful spaces has become even more essential. There is a big trend toward creating unique, one-of-a-kind interiors that celebrate individuality. People are adopting bolder design styles, finding cool vintage pieces, and painting with brighter colors. Decorating in a way that brings joy has never been so important. As people have been redefining and redecorating their spaces, putting function first and repurposing existing pieces has become top of mind. This year, people are blending and adapting different design styles to create a cohesive space that reflects their own tastes and fulfills the needs of those using the space.

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