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Decor Trend: Moody Photography

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featured photograph by Keith Morgan

Fine art photography can be just what your walls need, and one decor trend that has caught our eye is large statement ‘moody’ photography.  High-contrast photographs of landscapes, vistas, and still-life subjects are adding extra drama and sophistication to spaces.  Typically in muted tones or black and white, moody photography can act as a neutral piece in your space, despite being so striking.  We love how the vivid contrast in soft neutrals makes these images both bold and understated.

Black and white photographs are a classic wall decor trend that can make an impact in any design style and space.  The moody style of large-scale photographs can add a contemporary element to your interiors and complete your design.  Whether you are designing with a monochromatic look or want an eye-catching neutral art piece in a colorful room, moody photography can add a stunning statement to any room!

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