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Porch Blog Feature: Expert Advice to Design the perfect Art Gallery at Home

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We are excited to be featured in Porch’s blog post “Expert Advice to Design the Perfect Art Gallery at Home” and share our tip for choosing the right piece of art for your living room!  Here’s a little sneak peek and for more ideas, check out the full article on Porch’s blog.

Expert Advice to Design the Perfect Art Gallery at Home

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A gallery wall at home filled with beautiful artwork can make an empty room have warmth, color, and personality. There are many ways you can prepare your home art gallery to create a beautiful space you, your family, and guests will love. This guide from experts will show you some helpful tips on designing and preparing the best gallery at home. Read on to discover how to prepare your space and fill it with a range of artwork that is meaningful to you.

featuring “Life In Balance” by Dina D’Argo

How to choose the right piece of art for your living room?

“When choosing the right art piece for your living room, a few things to keep in mind are size, color scheme, and style.  What kind of wall space are you working with?  Whether it’s one statement piece or multiple pieces, making sure your art decor is the right size will help ensure it’s a perfect fit.  Incorporating artwork with tones that complement the color scheme of your space is also key to creating a cohesive and blended design.  Lastly, consider your design style and the style of wall art you want to hang to complete your living room, and of course, make sure it is a piece that you love!” -Third and Wall

Originally published on Porch.